M.ED. : Master of Education

M.ED. in English & EPM

Master of Education in English Language Education is designed for those interested in specializing in English studies and English language teaching. The program is ideal for teachers whose major is not English. It can also be useful for an individual who wants to develop his/her understanding of English language education.

The four semester postgraduate academic program, M.Ed in English Language Education offered by Tribhuvan University is specially introduced for working professional especially teachers to enhance their English language. However fresher can also join the program. The program provides students with the core and advanced educational coursework. In addition to the classroom learning, students are equipped with practical trainings.


The overall objective of the M.Ed. program is to produce higher level academic manpower such as teachers, teacher educators, educational planners and administrators, system analysts and experts in the field of education. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • To produce qualified and competent teacher educators
  • To build efficient educational planners, administrators, managers, supervisors and other educational experts
  • To promote innovative practices in the field of education
  • To develop educational leadership and experts that can transform the educational systems of the country

Method of Instruction

The methods of the teaching M.Ed., program will be the combination of several approaches. Class lectures, group discussion demonstration, guest lecture, seminars, term paper presentation, case analysis, problem solving, practical experience and field work approaches will be used as different techniques of giving instruction in the course so that students will be able to develop abilities for self-learning , problem solving and critical thinking.

Instruction days

In semester system 48 hours credit hours class days are allocated for 3 credit hours.


Practicum is the integral part of the M.Ed. program. It is designed to provide opportunities to student to actually participate in the activity of the campuses or the higher secondary schools. Each student is required to complete three activities classroom teaching, internship and curriculum evaluation in their specialization subject. However, students specializing in educational planning and management are required to undertake other activities in place of classroom teaching.

Thesis Writing and Evaluation

Thesis writing within the specialization area almost is compulsory. The format for writing the thesis proposal and the procedure for approving it will be fixed by the Department Research Committee. The evaluation of the thesis will be based on the written part and viva-voice .The quality of thesis will be controlled by the Research Committees for each Department and Guidance and Evaluation Committees instituted under the same.

Attendance and Evaluation System

Minimum attendance in accordance with the university regulation is 80% attendance is compulsory for the final examination.

The final examination of semester system will be conducted by examination section of dean office.The evaluation procedures for practical course will be specified by the subject committees.

The minimum pass marks for the theory paper is 50 percent in semester system and for the practicum, 50 percent.

Graduation Requirements

The M.Ed. program extends over four semesters. M.Ed. degree is awarded on its successful completion. All the candidates for M.Ed. degree must fulfill the following requirements:

The successful completion of 69 hours credit hours including professional and elective subject in each specialization subject to be completed for master degree in education.


Student with Bachelor’s Degree in Education are eligible for the admission to the Masters Program. However, they need specific qualification for the admission in different subject. In semester system they have to pass entrance test for admission in different specialization subject.

Course Structure

S.NNature of Course1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
1Core Course (Professional)3 Papers2 Papers1 Paper1 paper
2Specialization Course3 Papers4 Papers5 Papers
3Elective Course1 paper
4Teaching Practice1 paper
5Thesis Writing1 paper
Total6 Papers6 Papers6 Papers4 papers
6*3=18 Cr.hr6*3=18 Cr.hr6*3=18 Cr.hr