Institutional Overview

Makawanpur Multiple Campus (MMC), a pioneer non-profit earning public campus of Makawanpur district, was established in 2037 B.S. with the view of providing higher education not only to the people of Makawanpur district, but also the aspiring people from neighboring districts. The campus at present is the consequence of the insurmountable efforts, unflinching struggle and deep love of people of Makawanpur district. The condition of MMC at present has changed a lot. The campus has six eye-catching buildings in which it has been operating administrative service and teaching learning activities. It has got a separate administration building with separate sections, three different buildings for running the classes of different levels, a canteen and a two storied library building with text book section and reference section. The building also contains a well equipped modern conference hall and a mini seminar hall.

MMC at present has been running bachelors programmes in Science, Management, Humanities and Education affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Likewise, Master’s degree programmes in Management and sociology/anthropology in Humanities quite effectively, affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It has been also running +2 programmes in Science, Management, Humanities, and Education affiliated to National Examination Board. The campus has been providing quality education at the affordable rate of fee. Our students have become able to achieve the first, the second, the sixth, and the eighth position in the final examination held by T.U. in different years in the past.

MMC is moving ahead with an aim of fulfilling all the requirements to meet the aspired goals and objectives with the collective efforts of all the concerned authorities. The campus still has to do a lot of endeavors to be a leading and vibrant educational institution of the nation.


MMC is the pioneer institution in the field of higher education in the region which is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through excellence in teaching, research and service. Our mission is:

  • To create and disseminate knowledge through teaching, learning and creative research and to supply highly competent, innovative, entrepreneurial manpower to the society.
  • To serve the students by teaching them problem-solving leadership and teamwork skills.
  • To serve the regional community by offering high quality education and research programs.
  • To provide the regional community broad access to the higher education.


Makawanpur Multiple Campus (MMC) will be developed as a leading and vibrant educational institution with the potentiality of Deemed University which will enhance the quality of higher education and research in the region and nation through the involvement of local bodies, social organizations, local community and others concerned. It will be widely recognized for the quality of its educational and research programs. It will be an educational institution of choice for the students of the region and abroad who seek opportunities for quality education.


  • To increases the number of nationally ranked and recognized programs.
  • To enhance support for professional development of management team, faculty and staff.
  • To admit and enroll high quality students.
  • To increase graduation rates.
  • To create infrastructure required for research activities.
  • To create research oriented teaching learning environment.
  • To ensure the extensive use of modern technology in teaching learning activities.
  • To improve the administrative efficiency through the use of modern technology.
    • To develop infrastructures for better academic activities.
    • To improve the environment of the campus premises.
  • To develop comprehensive external relation to enhance effectiveness of MMC and to increase campus endowment through a successful capital campaign.
  • To communicate clear and distinct image of the campus to the stakeholders.

Major Strategies

  • To assure excellence in academic programs.
  • To attract and graduate higher quality students.
  • To develop the campus as a regional research institution.
    • To integrate modern technology with teaching learning, research and other activities.
    • To enhance the physical facilities and improve the environment of the campus premises.
  • To promote external relations and improve the image of campus.

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