Use of ICT and Digital Material Development for Faculties


Makawanpur Multiple Campus (MMC) is a non-profit community campus located in Makawanpur Municipalty, Hetauda, Makawanpur and is established in 2037 B.S. It is the pioneer campus for catering higher education in Makawanpur district and students comprised from many adjoining districts. Since its establishment up to the present situation, it has contributed skillful educated manpower required for the nation. Campus has 101 members campus assembly which selects members of college management committee (CMC) with few ex-officio members. CMC has 17 members and campus chief as a member secretary.

It is reputed as premier institution among students and has sound infrastructure. It has been playing a crucial role in higher education sector in the district imparting education in Management, Humanities, Science and Education streams. Makawanpur Multiple Campus is best community campus run by public in Hetauda. Therefore it has certain duties and responsibilities to the society. Moreover, the civil society and the business organization and the chamber of commerce has contributed a lot in its foundation and development. The campus has given major priority in the public service and the interest of the public. Since its establishment the campus has primary aim of service oriented programs and courses rather than the profit making intention. It is continuously prioritizing the public interest and the demand of the current society. In this proposed plan of the program, the campus has taken the mission to bring the industry and related business personalities to the campus so that they can build up a strong relationship to work together. As the campus runs different courses and the programs and produces many scholars and experts in the labour markets every year. The business and industry are the employers for those man powers to supply the jobs. The students produced from this campus covers the large number of the employee that the factories and the industries located in Hetauda. So, it will be the best for both the business personalities and the campus to sit together and work together to achieve the goals.

Capacity development training for faculty development is a critical process, enabling instructors to remain abreast of new discipline specific content and innovations in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Digital teaching materials are essential to teach students in ICT based teaching and learning.As Makawanpur Multiple Campus has gotten Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) Certificate, it has more challenge to maintain and continuously improving quality with adopting new technology. For this, Faculties are more responsible and they need to be ICT friendly. Most of the  our teaching staffs are guided  by traditional teaching methods which should be gradually shifted towards the digital based method. So this kind of training for skill building is becoming more essential.

  • Relevancy of the program

Gradually, Makawanpur Multiple Campus is being equipped electronics devices day by day. As the number of ICT based and e-learning students expands, so too does the demand for quality instruction in the virtual classroom. Faculties are often ill prepared to adopt instructional and pedagogical strategies necessary for teaching and learning by using electronics devices and preparation of e-teaching materials. Faculty need to learn new methods of teaching, communicating, and working with new technologies. The explosion of e-based higher education and advances in technology provide examples and rationale for why faculty development for use of ICT and e-teaching materials as well as e-learning is needed.

  • Objectives of the program

The main objective of this program is capacity enhancement of faculty members to produce and visualize teaching materials digitally. Building techno friendly teaching-learning environment is another important objective of the training. Following are the objectives of this training as follows;

  • ICT Skill development of faculty members.
  • Digital teaching materials based class operations
  • Online teaching learning initiative
  • Methodology used for conducting the program

Need of information communication technology (ICT)for the teaching faculties specifically identified. Our four streams separately require CT skills exclusively. All faculty members will compulsorily participate with laptop. Interactive, presentation, discussion, in-hand practice, theory class will be conducted. ICT Lab based practical classes, Presentation, Discussion methods will be applied in the training.